Jordi Díaz Giralt

I'm Jordi Giralt, a Designer from Barcelona living in London. I'm currently running a coworking project with some colleagues developing different lighting lamps that we will launch the next year. As you can see my profession is my passion and I love to learn everyday from my team mates and discover new photographers, musiceans, architects...

I like to make it everything simple for the users with an aesthetics that help people to understand easily the funcion and the way to use them. 

About my studies

- Product Design Degree at the university ESDA Llotja (Barcelona).

- 3D Max course at CIIM Foundation (Barcelona)

About my experience

- Freelance Product Designer (London)

- Product Design and Production Assistant (London)

- Junior Product Designet at Karim Rashid Inc. (Amsterdam)

- Marketing at Botisto (Barcelona)


- "The nature" with Gerard Moliné

- "The cafe" with Oscar Díaz

-  “XXI Seminari” Packaging at Massana 


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